Alien: Covenant Aims to Fix the Mistakes of the Past


I recently watched the trailer for Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien: Covenant and it filled me with a bright hope for the series. Due to my love of all things Ridley Scott, I’ll admit I was one of those fans trying to convince others that Prometheus really wasn’t that bad of a movie. After the allure of having another movie with a Xenomorph faded, the staggering negative reviews and criticisms of Prometheus made sense and began to take hold. I can remember sifting through review after review that tore Prometheus apart for its logical fallacies and trite character development. In my opinion, the only saving grace for Prometheus had been the complex story arc detailing the intellectual curiosity of David the android. Michael Fassbender’s performance in this role greatly outshines the rest of the cast and I am rather excited that he will be reprising the role of David in the upcoming sequel.

Well enough of that I’ll let bygones be bygones. I foresee Alien: Covenant being an excellent sci-fi horror movie that will not only meet the high standards of fans of the series, but, also fix the mistakes of the prequel. Alien: Covenant is much bigger than just being the sequel to Prometheus, it is a major redemption point for Ridley Scott. Ridley Scott must now answer the question: Can he deliver exactly what his fans have been asking for? More specifically, can he deliver a terrifying action powerhouse with our beloved Xenomorphs at the helm?

The upcoming sci-fi horror film follows a crew bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy. The crew of the ship Covenant, including Walter, an android like David, find a seemingly uncharted paradise. The dangerous world inhabited by the original David and the monstrous creatures we have all come to know and love, quickly make the crew think twice about their supposed “Paradise.”