Netflix Yea: The Perfect Host (2010)

the perfect host

“A fugitive on the run crashes a dinner party. But he regrets it when the host has him convinced that he would have been better off hiding elsewhere.”

Director: Nick Tomnay
Starring: David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford, Nathaniel Parker

Why you need to watch it:

David Hyde Pierce is brilliant playing Warwick Wilson. This weird and whimsical movie is a journey that teeters on the boundary between horror and psychological thriller. A career criminal (Clayne Crawford) executes a high paying heist that does not go as perfectly as he thought. When John Taylor hears his name being broadcast on the radio and television throughout the city of Los Angeles as the most wanted suspect, he quickly seeks refuge in a nearby housing track. Using information from a postcard in one house’s mailbox, John secures a friendly entry into Warwick’s home and a different sort of party ensues…

The Perfect Host is a curious and very interesting sort of movie. The movie is funny at parts, creepy at some parts, and downright maddening in others. The movie plays out in a fascinating way and I found myself marveling at the oddness of how it all unfolds. Rather than sitting through a movie and watching at the screen, you will find yourself experiencing The Perfect Host. I kept getting sucked further and further into the movie while watching Warwick waltz his way through an absolutely psychotic narrative. There were times when I even felt myself sympathizing with the criminal John Taylor.

The Perfect Host plays out like an extremely gifted film student’s final thesis. One that could be titled, “How to Get Weird with Film, and How to Do It in a Fantastic Way.” It carries expert style with a beautiful cadence, but, challenges you and fearlessly dares to take it there in a strange way. Through the entire evening of subtle humor and quirkiness, Warwick Wilson calls upon multiple “house guests” to entertain and party away the evening with. Yes, it may seem like his Niles character from TV’s Frasier, but there’s definitely more to him than meets the eye (the movie smacks you in the face with this realization early and it is then amazing to watch the character evolve).

The movie is a total zig zag of a story and it is loaded with surprises and close calls. You simply will not be able to predict where and why the movie is going where it is. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie and I would certainly recommend it.

The Supreme Goat Overlord gives The Perfect Host a Netflix Yea.