Netflix Yea: General Cemetery (2013)

cemeterio general movie

“A grieving teenager in Iquitos, Peru, takes a Ouija board to her father’s grave in the city’s largest cemetery, unleashing terrifying events.”

Director: Dorian Fernandez-Moriz
Writers: Dorian Fernández-Moris (supervising writer), Javier Velasquez
Starring: Marisol Aguirre, Airam Galliani, Jürgen Gömez

Why you need to watch it:

General Cemetery is for the most part a fun horror film with some decent jump scares. Most of the scares happen during the parts of the film that can be classified as “found footage.” This element made some of the scares somewhat predictable, but it was interesting to watch the different styles of filming blend together.

I am not really a fan of found footage style horror films, so I wasn’t too excited when the main character busted out his Sony recorder. I hung in there anyway, mostly because I like demonic possession films. When the group of teenagers finally arrive at the local cemetery with a real Ouija board, supernatural sparks start flying.

It is important to note that this film takes a long time to get going. The action or horror of the film doesn’t really start into well after the teenagers hit the cemetery. After waiting for what seemed like nearly half the film, the spooky Ouija ritual finally commences. A supernatural entity speaks to the teenagers through the board and then a demon is unleashed.

The remainder of the film follows the scared shit-less teenagers as they chaotically run about the cemetery. Demonic possession is the name of the game and the scares that follow are fun and bit creepy. Not really a great film but it was interesting to see a mix of traditional and found footage.