Mustang vs. Satanic Semi-Truck in ‘Wrecker’ Trailer

"I walked like that after a night of heavy poundin'"

I happen to be an avid fan of the Ford Mustang so watching this trailer for the upcoming movie Wrecker was a treat!

Any movie that takes advantage of the horrifying power a V8 GT Mustang outputs to the rear wheels is sure to be exciting… need I mention, Bullitt?

Doubtfully, the cat and mouse game between the cherry red Mustang and the decrepit satanic big rig will even compare to Steve McQueen’s tire peeling antics through the streets of San Francisco, but, at least we get a touch of bloody gore thrown in .

Sure to be exciting and suspenseful nonetheless, Wrecker races to theaters on November 6.

From IMDb:

Best friends Emily and Lesley go on a road trip to the desert. When Emily decides to get off the highway and take a “short cut,” they become the target of a relentless and psychotic trucker who forces them to play a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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    Getting a ‘Duel’ vibe from this…