Lumberjack Man: Explosions, Laughs, Boobs, and MURDER

"There's a demon logger out there! More powerful than you could ever imagine!"

lumberjack man

Lumberjack Man is a horror comedy due out October 16 and I am really excited for its arrival. Horror comedy, though often cheeky and dumb, can serve a purpose. One of my favorite horror comedies of all time is Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.

Besides, the genre is more geared towards all you psychos out there. You know who you are… the ones who get the urge to laugh maniacally every time a knife violently shreds flesh. Or maybe you’re just the type of psycho to giggle as you put toilet paper on the roll facing the wrong way.

Whatever. Lumberjack Man is sure to please all you ghoulish psychos out there.

Check out the trailer here:

  • Tyler

    Can’t wait!